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MOHS Micrographic Surgery

MOHS Procedure Overview

Mohs micrographic surgery is the most effective treatment for skin cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, which are often caused by exposure to the sun. Mohs surgery precisely removes the cancer with a minimum amount of healthy tissue around it. Thin layers of tissue are systematically excised and examined under a microscope for malignant cells.


When all areas of tissue are tumor-free, surgery is complete. At Northern Utah Dermatology, all Mohs biopsy work and procedures are performed on-site to expedite your treatment. The technique is advantageous because it preserves more normal tissue while allowing the surgeon to trace and eliminate areas of tumor that are invisible to the naked eye. Mohs surgery is particularly suitable for the area around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth where the preservation of normal tissue is essential. Also, when other standard methods have been unsuccessful, Mohs surgery offers another chance for cure.

The procedure does not require general anesthesia, which permits its use on many patients who are poor candidates for conventional surgery, such as the elderly and those in poor health. Most patients do not have to be hospitalized and can be managed on an outpatient basis. The surgery can usually be completed in half a day or less.

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